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Using in web application

Mar 4, 2014 at 2:46 PM

I'm currently developing a mobile version of a desktop software, and my boss has asked to to try and integrate a barcode scanner into the application, to make the warehouse guy's life easier. He also set as a preference that we should not rely on 3rd party software (i.e. Barcodescanner Keyboard) and that it should be aimed at android, but usable on other platforms.

Now, I know this is quite a tall order, as I am developing in with a C# backend, however if anyone would have an idea as to how I might go about using the onboard camera with in a web app, I would truly like to know how, if possible and if not, the possible alternatives.
Mar 4, 2014 at 8:01 PM
Hopefully, I understand you right. You want to develop an app for a mobile platform. At first it should be android but in the future it can also be windows phone or iOS.
If that is right, you can go with ZXing.Net.Mobile for Xamarin:
It is based on top of ZXing.Net. It doesn't matter which type of backend you are using.
The whole decoding part is done on the mobile device. You can send the decoding result to your backend after it was successfully decoded.

If you want a web page with decoding functionality which can be run on any platform it is much harder.
There are different ways. First there are some barcode scanning libraries which can be included in a web page as JavaScript.
Another possible way is that a capture image is send to a backend (something like a web service) which does the decoding part.