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Encoder for Code93 is missing


This code throws exception

var barcodeWriter = new BarcodeWriter
            Format = BarcodeFormat.CODE_93,
            Options = new EncodingOptions
                Height = height,
                Width = width

        Bitmap bitmap = barcodeWriter.Write(code);
Exception: No encoder available for format CODE_93
System.ArgumentException : No encoder available for format CODE_93
at ZXing.MultiFormatWriter.encode(String contents, BarcodeFormat format, Int32 width, Int32 height, IDictionary2 hints) in C:\ZXing.Net.\Source\lib\MultiFormatWriter.cs: line 77
at ZXing.BarcodeWriterGeneric
1.Encode(String contents) in C:\ZXing.Net.\Source\lib\BarcodeWriterGeneric.cs: line 72
at ZXing.BarcodeWriterGeneric`1.Write(String contents) in C:\ZXing.Net.\Source\lib\BarcodeWriterGeneric.cs: line 86
at FinaDb.Reports.BarCodeBuilder.GenerateBarCodeImage(String code, Int32 width, Int32 height) in BarCodeBuilder.cs: line 24
at FinaDb.Tests.Services.Payment.BarCodeBuilderTest.Code_contains_letters() in BarCodeBuilderTest.cs: line 24


DIGITHAI wrote Nov 25, 2016 at 2:41 AM

I am facing the same issue, now in 2016. No encoder for Code
_93 has been supported yet. Would be possible to push an update with this proposed fix?
That would be awesome.

wrote Feb 25 at 12:43 PM

wrote Sat at 12:06 AM