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Problem with east european characters



I have problem generating barcode with some east europeans characters.
Here is my code:
        Dim barcode As String = "Plaćanje računa br"

        Dim utfEnc As Encoding = Encoding.UTF8
        Dim uniEnc As Encoding = Encoding.Unicode
        Dim uniBytes As Byte() = uniEnc.GetBytes(barcode)
        Dim utfBytes As Byte() = Encoding.Convert(uniEnc, utfEnc, uniBytes)
        barcode = utfEnc.GetString(utfBytes)

        Dim barcodeWriter As New ZXing.BarcodeWriter()
        barcodeWriter.Options.Hints.Add(ZXing.EncodeHintType.CHARACTER_SET, "windows-1250")
        barcodeWriter.Format = ZXing.BarcodeFormat.PDF_417
        Dim bmp As Drawing.Bitmap = barcodeWriter.Write(barcode)


The problem is with character č.
Strange thing is that when I change barcode text to "Plaća računa br" this character in barcode is OK.

I have attached image with both barcodes generated

I am scanning this barcode with android camera.

I have tried downloading source code but I'm no barcode expert so I'm not sure what to look for so please if anybody help me.

Thank You!

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